17 Crazy Food Trends Giving Us a Feast for the Eyes

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American scientists have figured out that we can “taste” food with our eyes. If this is really so, the following list of items will fill you up but good.

Here at Bright Side, we love our art and we love our food. And when these two come together they create a perfect “baby” complete with pleasure for our eyes and souls. Here are some Instagram and taste-worthy foods we won’t be surprised to see trending in the near future.

Cake shot glasses

Looking to serve a cookie with milk or coffee in a different way? No problem, thanks to these cake shot glasses! The liquid doesn’t escape out of the cups because they are lined with a thin chocolate coating on the inside.

Cake milkshakes

Getting outrageous with your dessert feels like the right thing to do, doesn’t it? We have an amazing idea! Well, Black Tap Café in Dubai does. They serve milkshakes with literally anything on top: cake, cotton candy, hard candy, Sour Patch Kids, jelly — you name it, they probably have it.