3 Macronutrients You Need & Top Food Sources

Macronutrients - Dr. Axe

Each and every food that we eat, whether it’s a cheeseburger or green smoothie, contains a proportion of different macronutrients. It’s common for the highest percentage of macronutrients found in the food to actually be how we classify or refer to the food — for example, calling grains and potatoes “carbs” and meat or fish “proteins.”

Given all of the attention they get in the dieting and body-building scenes, you might be wondering what are macronutrients exactly (commonly called”macros” for short)? What are some of the reasons why people might decide to start tracking or counting macros in their diets?

As you’ll learn more about below, keeping track of the macro ratios in your diet might be able to help you achieve some positive changes in terms of your athletic performance and body composition, just as knowing the micronutrients you’re getting can help fight aging and disease. While it’s not totally necessary to track every detail of your macro intake, it helps to have a good understanding of what macros are, the benefits each one has and proportions that might be best for you to aim for depending on your goals.