Galangal: The Best Cancer-Fighting Herb Around?

Galangal - Dr. Axe

What looks like ginger, acts a little bit like turmeric, but actually has been shown to fight cancer like a champ and can even keep your brain healthy? You (probably haven’t) guessed it: galangal.

This root, part of the ginger family, grows in various parts of Asia and is a staple herb in Thai cooking. The best part about galangal, though, is the way it fights to keep your body healthy. It’s been found to have significant positive effects on eight different types of cancer as well a reduce chronic and specific forms of inflammation, often better than medication.

So, let’s take a journey to explore this herb and exactly how it can benefit your health.

What Is Galangal?

I promise, I’m not trying to fool you — this is not ginger. In fact, galangal is called for in many of the same Asian recipes as ginger because they have significantly unique flavors.