Galangal: The Best Cancer-Fighting Herb Around?

This root spice originated in China and Thailand, making its way into common Ayurvedic medicine. Many people describe its flavor as simultaneously earthy and citrus-like, with a spicy kick. However, galangal isn’t spicy due to capsaicin, like most spicy foods. Instead of leaving you with a lasting burning sensation, it hits you and goes away immediately.

If you’re into Thai food and have tried tom ka gai, a popular Thai soup dish, you may recognize the flavor of galangal root as that peculiar flavor you simply couldn’t place. Well, now that we’ve figured that out, what’s it good for?

The answer to that question may intrigue you, because, in short, it’s good for a lot.

7 Benefits of Galangal

1. Potentially Revolutionary Cancer-Fighting Agent

The most striking health benefit of galangal, according to a massive (and growing) body of scientific research, is its ability to fight and potentially prevent a broad number of cancers and tumors. (1) I’ll review the types of cancer affected by galangal, one by one.