Horse Chestnut Benefits Include Phlebitis Relief (+ Precautions)

Horse chestnut benefits & precautions - Dr. Axe You may not be able to roast it on an open fire, but you might be interested to know that horse chestnut is an effective dietary supplement that’s been used for hundreds of years to treat a number of conditions.

Traditionally, horse chestnut was taken by people hoping to naturally cure joint pain, bladder and digestive issues, fever and leg cramps. While several of these issues have not been tested scientifically, there are some benefits to taking horse chestnut, most notably its ability to combat chronic venous insufficiency (a vascular condition), hemorrhoids and swelling after surgery. (1)

Other contemporary but untested uses of horse chestnut include enlarged prostate, menstrual pain and eczema. (2)

While many of these folk uses remain unproven, there are some little-known, but major, researched benefits of horse chestnut for health. These include a powerful antioxidant load; a potential male fertility aid; and preliminary evidence that horse chestnut extract may be able to kill some types of cancer cells.