Hypnotherapy: Benefits of the Power of Suggestion

Hypnotherapy - Dr. Axe

Hypnotherapy — practiced in one form or another for thousands of years —  is used successfully today to treat pain, PTSD, anxiety, IBS, smoking cessation, eating disorders and much more. Proper hypnosis isn’t what you see on television or stage — it isn’t a parlor game — and it shouldn’t be used to make people act silly.

It is a therapeutic tool that can help facilitate healing in many areas when lead by a licensed hypnotherapist. Hypnosis can provide both physical and emotional benefits. Research into this long-practiced technique continues to divulge benefits for a wide range of physical and mental conditions. (1)

The experience of hypnosis is similar to when you daydream or even meditate. You experience a heightened state of concentration where your mind eliminates distractions allowing you to become more open to suggestions. (2)