Learn How To Plant Lettuce In An Apartment! It’s Super Easy!

Knowing How to Plant Lettuce in an Apartment is essential for all those who want to consume 100% healthy vegetables and also leave the home with the warm green typical scent of home gardens. To know how to plant lettuce in small places like apartments, read our post!

How to Plant Lettuce in an Apartment

  • Set Location

The first step to learn How to Plant Lettuce in an Apartment is to delimit the space in which it will be. It is imperative that this place is well ventilated and receives sunlight most of the day. Therefore, the garden should be close to windows or balconies.

  • Choosing the Best Vases

Once the place has been defined, the second step on How to Plant Lettuce in an Apartment is to choose the most suitable pots for the cultivation of this vegetable, that is, that they must have the proper depth and diameter.

Generally, in order to grow properly, the lettuce needs to be planted in a vase with a minimum of 1 palm of depth and a diameter of 25 to 30 cm.

These vessels may be ceramic, plastic or other materials, as long as they have those holes in the base of the vessel, necessary for the water to runoff.

How to Plant Lettuce in an Apartment

  • Prepare the Earth

In order for the earth to remain fertilized, it is necessary to place items such as pebbles or small pieces of wood in the inner base of the vessel, so that the earth does not runoff.

After that place the earth into the vase, stirring it a bit so that it is as “fluffy” as possible. Next, make a little hole in the middle of the pot and put the seedling or lettuce seed.

Note: the ideal is to consider a seedling or seed per pot, so that the lettuce have enough space to develop.

  • Watering Properly

In order for the lettuce to grow very firm and green, it is essential that it is watered properly. In general, lettuce needs plenty of water and it is recommended to water it every day (for those who live in warmer places) and every other day (for those who live in more humid or cold places). It is worth mentioning that the ideal time to water the vegetables is at the end of the afternoon, when the sun is not so strong.

  • Composting the Earth

In addition to watering the lettuce, to avoid the appearance of natural agents that may harm the plant, it is necessary to correctly fertilize it using homemade fertilizers. These fertilizers are: coffee grounds, crushed eggshells and green peels. This fertilization should be done once a week.

  • Observe the Right Time for the Harvest

If you  want to learn How to Plant Lettuce in Apartment, you  also need to know the right time for the harvest. In general, the lettuce can be harvested between 60 and 90 days, when the leaves are large and bulky.

When harvesting the lettuce, it is necessary to cut it to a height of 2,5cm above the earth. In this way, in addition to obtaining the lettuce, the bud will grow again, giving rise to a new lettuce.

As you can easily tell, Knowing How to Plant Lettuce in Apartment and enjoy all the benefits of this health food is much simpler than many imagine.