Learn How to Treat the Calluses on your Feet in a Natural and Simple Way. Find out now!

Learning How to Treat Calluses on your Feet is indispensable to remove them at home, that is, without having to spend a fortune on pedologists. To learn how, check out this article.

How to Treat Calluses on your feet – Step by Step

1 – Soaking the Feet in Warm Water

The function of warm water is to “soften” the callus, making it easier to remove it. It is necessary to pour about 2 liters of warm water into a bowl and dip the feet, covering the region where the callus is with water. The feet should be soaked for a period of 15 minutes.

2 – Rubbing the Feet with Pumice Stone

The pumice stone  has the appearance of a sponge. It is used by manicures and pedologists.

The second step of Treating Calluses in the Feet consists precisely in rubbing this stone on the feet, especially in the region where the calluses are, just after the 15 minutes in which the feet were soaked in warm water.

It is worth mentioning that under no circumstances should you rub sharp or pointed objects on calluses, as this may cause serious infections.

3 – Moisturize the Feet

How to Treat Calluses on your Feet

After thoroughly rubbing the feet with the pumice stone, removing the surface of the callus, it is necessary to wash the feet and moisturize them, making the skin smooth and well nourished. It is interesting to use foot creams, rich in vitamins and nutrients that promote skin health.

4 – Use a Band Aid

Even after moisturizing, the callus region should be protected with a band aid, preventing the callus from growing and avoiding discomfort on the feet when wearing shoes or sneakers.

In general, pharmacies offer special band-aids for calluses, and it is only necessary to observe if they do not contain acid substances, which can cause infections.

5 – Wear Comfortable Shoes and Socks

To prevent the removed callus from reappearing or even inhibiting the appearance of new calluses, it is essential to wear comfortable socks and shoes, that is, not tight. In the case of women, it is recommended to abstain for a while from using high heels, especially the thin ones.

Tips on How to Avoid Foot Calluses

In addition to learning how to treat calluses, it is essential to avoid them. Follow the following tips:

  • Keep your feet always well moisturized, as the dryness of the skin increases the occurrence of calluses;
  • Keep your nails well trimmed;
  • Prioritize the use of comfortable shoes and socks, avoiding shoes, sneakers and even slippers made with very rigid materials;
  • Those who practice running and walking frequently, should use use petrolatum on the feet in order to reduce the friction.

This tips on How to Treat Calluses on the Feet are very easy. It is worth mentioning that in cases of larger callus or difficult removal, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to prescribe a specific lotion, ointment or gel.