Protease: The Enzyme that Makes Protein & Amino Acids Tick

Protease - Dr. Axe Maybe we don’t give enzymes enough credit. They are required for literally every single chemical action that takes place in our bodies — from digestion to immune function and blood flow. We are able to see, think and breathe because of protease. What are proteases? They’re enzymes that allow for the breakdown of proteins in the body.

Because of this, proteolytic enzymes are at the cutting edge of biological research, and they have become a major focus for the pharmaceutical industry. According to a scientific review published in the Biochemical Journal, “although the predominant use of proteases has been in treating cardiovascular disease, they are also emerging as useful agents in the treatment of sepsis, digestive disorders, inflammation, cystic fibrosis, retinal disorders, psoriasis and other diseases.” (1)

But what exactly does protease do, and why are proteases so essential for our overall health? These are complex enzymes and researchers are still learning about their role in the human body, but hopefully I can help you to understand their importance.