Sugar Shampoo? Add Sugar to your Shampoo and you will be amazed at the result!

Sugar Shampoo can make a big difference on the appearence of your hair. That’s what Cosmopolitan Magazine, UK, has published in a story, revealing that this home-made blend may be the easy fix to make the area always clean and healthy.

The Shampoo with Sugar is intended for hair washing with a great massage on the scalp. This process generates deep cleaning, killing dead cells and removing the excess of oil.

In this way, the scalp becomes much more prepared for the mask or the conditioner, which provides an optimal absorption of this solution. The result of this? Hair a lot stronger and hydrated.

Do you Want to know how to prepare this mixture at home? So just read through our post!

How to Prepare the Sugar Shampoo?

Sugar Shampoo

To prepare the Shampoo with Sugar formula and make your hair much stronger and silky you just have to… the news could not be better! There simply is not a recipe.

All you have to do is put sugar in a jar of shampoo. The ideal is to add the sugar according to your need.

From there, all you need to do is wash the hair very well, massaging the scalp with your fingertips and never with your fingernails.

Do this for a few seconds. Then rinse well to remove any residue from the mixture and then resume washing your hair normally.

The tip was given by dermatologist Francesca Fusco, from the Wexler Dermatology clinic. This solution removes dead cells and helps the conditioner to have a better effect. Your strands will get much more moisturized.

The secret of the sugar performing so many miracles, is in its exfoliating action. Few people know, but just like the body, the scalp needs to detoxify in order to grow a healthy hair, and that’s exactly what sugar crystals do for you.

How Often Should You Use This Solution?

According to the report of Cosmopolitan, this trick is good. But it should not be overstated!

As the cleaning using the Sugar Shampoo is much deeper and removes almost all the oiliness of the hair, it is indicated not to use the technique more than once or twice throughout the week.

More than that amount, the oiliness of the leather hair tends to become much more unbalanced, resecting the wires or leaving them much more oily.

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