The 6 Things You Must Know To Properly Remove Hair from The Groin Area

Do You Know How to Properly Remove Hair from the Groin Area? The Marie Claire Magazine from the United States has consulted leading experts in this field and has picked up a few tips on how to correctly remove hair, avoiding ingrown hair and preventing irritation of the skin.

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6 Tips to Properly Remove Hair From the Groin Area

Here are tips on how to Properly Remove Hair from the Groin. Anyone who preferes the area hairless, should be careful, because the hairs function as a barrier to impurities.

1 – Choose the Right Razor

You need to make sure the blade is new and very sharp. The right thing to do  is to change the blade once a month because the blunt blades scratch the skin and do not pull the hair properly. This may cause cuts and irritation on your skin.

Old blades, on the other hand, are much more likely to spread dirt and bacteria. One of the experts consulted advised to use more than one blade during the process in order to slide easily in the place, which is quite uneven.

2 – Be Aware of the time

It is worth noting that waxing at the end of the bath and not soon after entering the shower is a lot smoother. This is the moment in which the hairs are softer, in addition, the heat of the water opens the hair follicles and turns epilation easier to perform.

Remove Hair from the Groin Area

3 – Prepare the Groin

Another  tip for properly depilating the groin has is related to skin irritation. Before removing the hair, exfoliate the groin with a loofah and a mosturizing soap for about 20 seconds.

Rinse, then apply  your regular hair conditioner to soften your body hair. You should also brush your body hair with a hard toothbrush in the same direction they grow.

4 – Create a Protection Barrier

Don’t forget to use a shaving cream, an oil, a mosturizing soap or a hair conditioner when shaving. This is imperative in order to protect your skin, as a type of lubricant so the blade  slides delicately.

5 – Shave in the Right Direction

If the body hairs are too long, cut them with a pair of nail scissors to ensure they will not clog or damage the blade. Subsequently, you must follow these instructions. Shave against the hair growth in order to get an effective result.

However, if your skin is quite sensitive it is indicated to shave in the direction of growth.

6 – Take care of the skin

Up to this point, you have already been able to carry out the most complex process, but it has not yet come to an end. This is one of the tips for properly epilating the groin and serves the purpose of everything. After shaving, apply moisturizing lotion free of dyes and fragrances.

Did you have any cuts or injuries? It is recommended to apply an ointment to prevent any type of infection, as well as wear large pieces of clothes  for a few hours after the epilation to avoid skin irritation. If there are any ingrown hairs, also use an exfoliating cream.

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