The Only Way to Survive an Elevator Falling. Find out!

Do You Know strong How To Survive an Elevator Falling? Although you take every possible care, you can not predict when you might be involved in a risky situations. So all you can do is know how to react at the moment.

Yes, there are simple steps you can take to try to get yourself hurt as little as possible. Interested? So just read our next post!

Learn How to Survive an Elevator Falling

  • Never Try to Jump to Cushion Impact

Did you wonder if jumping in the elevator could lessen the impact of the fall on your body? Believe me, this may leave you even worse aftermath!

When you are falling, you can not guess what is going to happen or when the collision will happen. If you jump you risk banging your head on the ceiling or returning to the ground and getting  even more hurt. So try not to jump!

survive an elevator falling

  • Never Lift Your Feet

Raising your feet is also not a very favorable decision, since they are able to withstand up to 10 times the impact of their body weight.

  • Lie down on your back

The ideal is to lie on your back on the floor of the elevator. In this way, the force of the impact can be distributed equally throughout the surface of your body, reducing the chances of more serious fractures.

Be aware! Laying down on your belly  can be even more risky. The impact can compromise your unprotected spine, and hurt your internal organs.

After all, the belly in contact with the ground is the most unprotected and vulnerable part of your body. So lie on your back and hold still!

  • If You Cannot Lie, Sit Down

If more people are in the elevator and there is no way to lie down, the ideal is to sit down. Bend your knees slightly. In this way, you reduce the impact load on your bones and your joints.

In addition, it is imperative that you do not try to get out of the elevator until the expert help arrives. This prevents more serious problems and even a fatal accident from occurring.

Although you have read through to the end of this article, we hope you will never have to go through such a troublesome experience.

Therefore, always pay attention to the conditions of the equipment that will be used!

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