Vervain: 5 Benefits of a Versatile Herb

Vervain - Dr. Axe The vervain plant is a lesser-known herbal remedy, but it has a lengthy history of medicinal use when it comes to a variety of systems in the body. In traditional herbal medicine, it has been used to treat headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, kidney stones, gout, jaundice and more.  It also has been used to improve lactation for nursing mothers and as a natural treatment for painful menstruation. (1)

Does vervain have magical properties? If you start researching this herb, you’ll see some pretty interesting information come up, even including the suggestion that it has magical powers. Some sources also say that vervain was used on Jesus’ wounds after he was removed from the cross, which is why “herb of the cross” is one of its many nicknames. (2)

Let’s take a look at how traditional medicine has used vervain through the years, as well as what scientific studies have revealed about its medicinal powers to date. I’ll also tell you about the different forms of Verbena officinalis. You may even want to try growing this herb in your own garden.