Vitamin K2 Foods, Benefits, Recipes & More

Vitamin K2 - Dr. Axe Full-fat cheeses, eggs and beef liver might not be the types of foods that come to mind when you think about eating a heart-healthy diet, but you’d probably be surprised to know that in recent years, one of the most researched nutrients in the field of cardiovascular health has been vitamin K2, found in these very foods.

What are the benefits of vitamin K2? While vitamin K1 has the important role of preventing blood clots and bleeding disorders, vitamin K2 works differently. Vitamin K2 benefits include helping with nutrient assimilation, growth and development in infants and children, fertility, brain function, and dental health. Unfortunately many people don’t get enough of it from their diets.

Something that makes vitamin K unique (both types: K1 and K2) is that it’s not usually taken in supplement form. Vitamin K2 seems to be much more beneficial when obtained naturally from vitamin K foods. What foods are high in K2? Unlike vitamin K1, which is mostly found in plant foods like leafy green vegetables, you get K2 from animal-derived foods. Some of the healthiest vitamin K2 foods include grass-fed meats, raw/fermented cheeses and eggs. It’s also produced by the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome.