What Is L Methionine? L Methionine Benefits & Top Food Sources

L methionine - Dr. Axe

You know all about protein foods, but did you know there’s something in most of them that can fight disease, build bones and support the liver? First discovered by American bacteriologist John Howard Mueller in 1921, L methionine, or methionine, is an essential amino acid found in the body used to make proteins and peptides. It’s found in meat, fish and dairy products, as well as nuts and grains. Think protein foods, and you will likely find methionine. 

Methionine provides an important role relating to the growth of new blood vessels. (1) While the body produces it on its own, supplementing with L methionine has been shown to help heal wounds and those experiencing Parkinson’s, drug withdrawal, schizophrenia, radiation, copper poisoning, asthma, allergies, alcoholism, liver damage and depression.

While those are all good things, it’s not uncommon to have too much methionine in the standard American diet, but let’s understand how it works. The human body uses L methionine to make creatine, another type of amino acid. Additionally, L methionine contains sulfur, which is used by the body for healthy growth and metabolism, and it’s responsible for a compound known as s-adenosylmethionine or “SAMe,” which supports the the proper function of the immune system; neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and melatonin; and cell membranes. (2)