What Is Taurine? Separating Myth from Reality

What is taurine? - Dr. Axe

There’s an amino acid out there that many believe comes from bull urine or bull semen, but the truth is this conditional amino acid, taurine, does not come from the bodily fluids of bulls. So what is taurine, and where does it come from?

Natural taurine actually comes from meat, fish and dairy and is otherwise found as synthetic supplements. It’s most abundant in the brain, eyes, heart and muscles, and much like glycine, it’s considered a conditional amino acid as opposed to an essential amino.

The only amino acid with its own zodiac sign, it’s falsely been associated with the myth of coming from bull urine or bull semen, probably because its name stems from taurus, meaning bull. But, rest assured, it does not come from the bull and actually is created naturally in the human body as well. (1)